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The COFRALU® brand, results from the accumulation of 30 years of activity in the studying and commerce of formwork, converged into a concept transversal to all of our products.  

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The year of 1979 saw the birth of ALUFRAGEM, Lda a company dedicated to the study, design, manufacturing and commercialization of mettalic formwork, mettalic structures and accessories to formwork.

Around 10 years later Domingos Duarte followed his vision of the future of formwork and initiated his personal enterprise Cofragens TD, Lda, aiming to give continuity to his work and studies on formwork.

Working on this new enterprise with mixed formwork, iron/plywood CM70 and also the exclusivity of PFEIFER in Portugal, of three-layered panels and H20 beam as well as RELTEC cardboard pillars. 

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With the goal of lighter formwork retaining finishing quality, the obvious solution was to focus on the usage of aluminium. Studies were developed to develop solutions that met the goals and strict quality control standards of the company vision. 

The natural step was to create the COFRALU® brand, with the main goal of making aluminium formwork the standard solution on the segment where our brand leads, between the industrial heavyweight formwork and the artesanal formwork of high manpower demand and poor finishing quality.

The COFRALU® commitment is in the lightness of its elements, simplicity and array of accessories; high reduction of manpower demands and optimization of quality for finished concrete works.



Domingos Duarte


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